Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Plein air painting day with my nieces

Drawing of my niece (6 years old)

On Thursday we went to a lovely park called "El Parque Cruce de Arinaga" to have a picnic with the family and kids. We had done this meeting with them last year as well... It is very relaxing, sitting on the grass, enjoying plein air painting with my nieces. The youngest niece is 6 years old now, this is her drawing. It's incredible how she advanced a lot in a year. (See last year here)

Girls like to draw

There was a nice breezy weather in the park that day. We set our picnic under a big tree by the play ground. After the lunch meal, I started to work with oil pastels (see pic below). I tried not to fill the composition with too much details, so I took out a few objects, like a trash can, a bench... This way the pastel painting will reflect the peaceful atmosphere in the park. Enjoy your weekend!

Work in progress

"Under the shade of a tree" by Birsen Ozbilge
Oil pastel on craft paper, 32 x 24 cm.

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