Sunday, January 17, 2021

ACEO Clown Portrait #201 “Herr Liebling” aka Heiko Fischer


ACEO Clown #201 “Herr Liebling" aka Heiko Fischer

Acrylic on paper,  2 ½” x 3 ½”


ACEO Clown portrait #201 is inspired by a very sweet clown “Herr Liebling” aka Heiko Fischer from Leipzig, Germany. Heiko Fischer is a theater pedagogue and he became a clown plays himself through a children's circus, whose clown group he supervised for many years. His clown name “Herr Liebling” ( meaning Mr. Darling) says it all: residents and sisters are ecstatic when he asks them to dance, serenade them or improvise while composing and rhyming. Heiko Fischer is involved as “Herr Liebling” in Clowns & Clowns e.V. in Leipzig and was appointed Ambassador of Warmth in May 2018.  Clowns & Clowns e.V., Leipzig health clowns visit senior citizens in the nursing home and put a smile on children’s faces in the clinic.

Herr Liebling

work in progress

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