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ACEO CLOWN PORTRAITS #196 & #197 "Valery Kolobov" & "Tatyana Yumaeva"


ACEO Clown #196 & #197 "Valery Kolobov" & "Tatiana Yumaeva (Kolobova)"

Acrylic on paper,  2 ½” x 3 ½”

ACEO Clown portrait #196 is homage to  "Kolobok" aka Valery Dmitrievich Kolobov (1938-2015) form Tyumen, Russia. (father of Dimitry Kolobov) In 1955 he entered the State School of Circus and Variety Arts (GUTSEI) for the first enrollment of the department of clownery and musical eccentrics. At the same time he was admitted to the acting department at VGIK, but in the end he preferred the circus school. Director Alexander Alexandrovich Fedorovich (1899 - 1971) became the mentor in the preparation of the solo clown repertoire. The artist Anel Alekseevna Sudakevich (1906 - 2002) helped a lot in creating the image. The artistic practice took place under the guidance of the famous Pencil (M.N. Rumyantsev). In 1957, together with other students of the clownery department, he participated in the circus performance on Tsvetnoy Boulevard "Youth celebrates", timed to coincide with the Festival of Youth and Students. After graduating from GUTSEI he performed in combined circus programs. From 1959 to 1967 he worked in the Belarusian national team. He used an image, the prototype of which was the hero of Belarusian folklore Nesterka - a clever peasant guy, a cheerful folk craftsman (artistic pseudonym Kolobok). Participated in the illusion attraction A.S. Step-Novozhilova. During that period, he was twice awarded a diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR. A number of Valery Kolobov's reprises, such as "Water" and "Leg", are based on illusionary tricks.

Valery Kolobov toured a lot around the country and abroad, including in Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Mongolia, France and a number of African countries. In 1986, Valery Kolobov connected his wife Tatyana Yumaeva (b. 21.04.1945) to work on the arena as a clown Chizhik. In 1990, their son Dmitry Kolobov, and later his wife Ekaterina Sycheva), joined the parents' clown duet. In 2008, father and son Kolobovs in the troupe "The Color of Life" of the German circus "Busch - Roland" became laureates of the first international festival of circus arts in Bucharest (Romania), winning first place in the nomination "Best classical circus program".

Valery Kolobov

"Valery Kolobov" & "Tatiana Yumaeva (Kolobova)" an their son Dmitry Kolobov

ACEO Clown #197 is inspired by a very talented acrobat and clown Tatyana Dmitrievna Yumaeva (b. 21.IV.1945) from Russia. (Wife of Valery Kolobov) In the circus since 1953, since 1956 - top in the number "Acrobats-voltigeurs", partner - father. Since 1965 she has been performing the solo "Equilibrium with a trampoline" (created under the hands of his father), demonstrating the most difficult trick combinations with elegant lightness and beauty (for example, standing on a pedestal on his hands, with her right and left hands alternately collects cubes in a pyramid, thrown by assistants with 3 -meter distance, and with the same techniques drops them on the arena). 

Tatyana Dmitrievna Yumaeva is performing with her husband.

work in progress

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